What Is Affiliate Marketing And Why I love That Business Model

written byCato Andersen
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These are the things that make this business model so good:

1. You do not need to make your own products, have your own cutomer support and other things that are needed when you have your own products.

2. It's a proven business model that are all over the world in all kinds of companies, industries, and markets.

3. It is a billion dollar industry that grows rapidly year by year. You can partner up with companies in nearly all kinds of industries. These companies are looking for partners that can help them grow their influence and rvenue.

4. It is not difficult to start. You can work from all over the world with a computer and an internet connection, You have to do it the right way though.

5. You need very little startup capital. You don't need hundreds and thousands of dollars. You just need some seed capital.

6. It allows me to work from my passion, and interests and really be the go to person in my niche.

7. It allows me to build my brand and grow every day.

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