Hi, I'm Cato Andersen.

I have a vision helping tens of thousands

of people generating consistent income

through starting and growing their business online.

That way they can start to live their lives on their terms.

You may ask, “Is this possible for a person like me?"

For sure it is. If a non-technical guy like

me can own and build an Online Business, then so can you!

I am a teacher as well as I am an early owner

and leader of a teaching company. Today I lead 

the brand GracePreneur.

This is my brand site where you can learn

more about me and get valuable content for FREE

Here's My Story...

I always wanted to be successful and have a good income for me and my family. The academic field was my first destination, but after a while I established a teaching company.However this was NOT my dream. There were too many evenings away from my family and the business model was poor in the sense that it was difficult to scale.

Then some years ago I started to search on the internet and I found out that so many people started businesses online. The thought of having a location independent business with unlimited income potential  was fascinating to me. I wanted a lifestyle on my own terms!

I decided to start my journey only to find out that there was endless information out there. I was frustrated. I spent around 15000 dollars that I did not have, only to find out that I was following the wrong blueprint. It was painful. I failed big time because I did not have the right mentor, advice and business model to follow.

I did what everybody else was doing, and it was a certain blindness to everything. I started to really doubt myself. Should I just give up my dream? 

With no money in my business account I went out there and brought some capital to restart everything. I now started to plan for better days ahead.

And after some time good things started to happen...

The Breakthrough...

Today I am so happy that I never gave up. To be honest I really was tempted many times.

Close to giving up, a mentor showed up in my life and he gave me a clear direction and a blueprint to follow.

I took his advice to heart and followed his guidance. Heck, Why should I not! 

What I had done so far did not work at all.

Now I had the right mentor.

Right advice

...and the right path to follow.

My mentor said that I could not just be another affiliate entrepreneur out there. He followed up by saying, “ There are two essential

questions you have to answer”. 

What's your difference and Why should anybody care?

He said, “ Cato, You have to stand out! If you are just like everybody else you are nobody.

He was spot on! Why? Because I just followed the herd and I got precisely what the herd got, nothing! I just did what everybody else was doing.

So, I started to follow a different model. ( My mentor teaches this model in great detail in this free masterclass here.)

Today I collaborate with elite entrepreneurs that are selling other people products and services. I am so inspired.

What I got my hands on, truly the world needs!

I have a roadmap for success with right information and clear direction.

The frustration and overwhelm has gone away and I have a clear path to follow..

We're Creating a Better Life!

We are creating a better life for ourselves and our families…

Many people are propagating a message that “ money will never make you happy”. 

Have you ever heard that saying? Well, if you buy into sayings like that Most surely you will have no or very little money in the future.

I do not have that kind of a philosophy myself.

Of course you will be happier! I do NOT say that money will solve all your problems, but for sure they will solve many. Money will create a better lifestyle for you and your family.

It will give options and possibilities you never had before.

I don’t know about you but for me - having the financial freedom to do what you want, when you want, with who you want, enjoying  God’s wealth sounds like happiness to me!

With more money in your pocket you really can live your life on your own terms. You experience more of the convenience and beauty of life. Remember that God created you for splendor and first class living.

Today I collaborate with great companies and brands”. For sure a good future belongs to me.

I am so inspired to develop my internet dream business in a time like


...but this is just the beginning!

My Vision, My Mission...

I am on a mission to build a global community of people that believe in building and giving wealth through creating internet businesses.

It’s time to arise and start dreaming again.

Too many people are stuck in their past, but now is the time to start creating your best financial future.

There are God given success principles we in GracePreneur  strongly believe in. Everybody can and should experience good success.

My dream is to help tens of thousands of people by connecting Grace and entrepreneurship. I believe success should happen by default, following the right set of blueprints.

Thousands of lives are changed by following this proven business model and I can tell you for sure that I feel responsible for sharing this gold with the world.

What About YOU?

My dear friend, look...

If my story resonates with you and you are ready for a financial change, more time freedom,

an amazing lifestyle for you and your family and living your life on your terms…

If you are like me, having a desire for the quality life and living a fulfilled life

But you don’t know where to start and what to do…

Perhaps you have tried many things and nothing worked out very well. You are disappointed and frustrated and you have had many setbacks.You say to yourself enough is enough. I will never start an entrepreneurial journey again.

If this is you and you now that you are created for something more and better,

you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are ready for a breakthrough...

We can help you like thousands already just like you have been helped.

Let us not complicate this, I invite you to attend a free Masterclass we are hosting. There you will get the blueprint that really could change your financial life-no fluff, no-nonsense.

Do not be surprised if this is exactly what you need!

You can register your spot here

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